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Prepositions of time

Есть друзья-иностранцы, но не можете договориться с ними о встрече? Неудивительно: предлоги времени не совпадают с русским языком, и нужно точно знать, какой и когда применить. К счастью, их всего три: in, at, on – но также важно знать, когда стоит обойтись без предлога.

Prepositions of Place and Movement

Our house is at 20 Emerald Road in a small village. To get there from the railway station, you should go across the road and then walk along the main street through the village. Go towards the beautiful church which is located at the end of the street. You will see a bus stop next to this church. Go past the bus stop and over the bridge. Finally, go round the square and you’ll see a small white house, which is opposite a post office. Our house is located between a chemist's shop and a supermarket, you won’t miss it!