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Modal Verbs
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Modal Verbs: Used to / Would / Will / To Be Used To

When we want to express ability, possibility, willingness, certainty, necessity, or obligation, we can use modal verbs.

Modal Verbs: Would Prefer / Would Rather (Preferences)

When we want to express our choices or our preferences of one thing over another, we can use modal structures “would prefer / would rather”.

Modal Verbs in the Present

‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. – said Walt Disney. And we cannot but agree with him. Stop dreaming and learn about modal verbs!

Modal Verbs in the Past

Back in the day, when I was your age, I had to … walk to school for two hours in winter, fight off bears to get to the library or print newspapers to afford lunch, blah… blah… We’ve all heard similar exaggerated statements from our parents or other older relatives. Let’s learn how to reminisce about “the good old days” using modal verbs in the past.