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Conditional Sentences

Conditional sentences are used to describe possible results of situations that could happen in the present or future, or could have happened in the past but didn’t happen. Also, they can express general knowledge and actions that would happen in the future under certain circumstances.

Conditionals: Wishes

Conditional clauses with I wish and if only describe an imaginary or impossible situation in the past or the present. We use I wish and if only to talk about things that we would like to be (or to have been) different.

Conditionals: Alternatives to If / Other Ways of Making Conditionals

We can express conditions with the help of such phrases as: as long as, only if, on condition that, provided that, providing that, etc. at the beginning of a subordinate clause...

Conditionals: Had Better / It's Time

Had better + bare infinitive is used to refer to the present or the future. We use it to give advice or to warn about something; to talk about some desirable actions that someone should perform in a certain situation.

Conditionals: The Subjunctive

We use the Subjunctive mood to express situations that are possible, preferable, imaginary, desired, but sometimes unreal.

Conditionals: Like / As if / As Though

All these conjunctions are used to show how someone or something feels, looks, sounds, etc. In this case they are absolutely interchangeable...