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Conditionals: Wishes

Conditionals: Wishes


Conditional clauses with I wish and if only describe an imaginary or impossible situation in the past or the present. We use I wish and if only to talk about things that we would like to be (or to have been) different.


Note that if only is usually stronger than I wish.


If we talk about the present moment, we can use I wish/if only + a past form of the verb.


I wish I had his phone number - I would call him immediately.


I can visit my mom only once a year. I wish she didn’t live so far away.


I wish I were tall and slim, I would work as a model.


If only my father was here right now, he would know how to cope with this situation.


If only I could help him out with his problem!


If we are talking about a past moment, we can use I wish/if only + the past perfect form of the verb.


I wish I had bought those shoes on sale, they would have looked perfect with this suit.


I wish I had never met him, I would be happy traveling around the world all by myself.


If only I had prepared for the exams better, I would have got an “A”.


We use wish/if only together with would to express annoyance with something that is or isn’t happening.


I wish you wouldn’t come home late and wake everybody up.


If only these people would stop yelling and try to listen to me.