Prepositions: On/in time, in/at the end

Prepositions: On/in time, in/at the end


But in the end it doesn’t really matter…


Бессмертная фраза из хита Linkin Park.

Действительно, does it matter: in the end or at the end?

Заодно мы рассмотрим on time/in time и in the beginning/at the beginning.


In the end/At the end


In the end переводится как «в конечном итоге/в конце концов».


I hope that everything will be ok in the end.


In the end, our family is the most important thing in our life.


I was so happy that in the end I was able to find a nice flat to rent.


At the end переводится как «в конце чего-либо» и обычно употребляется с предлогом “of”:


We are going to receive the package at the end of the week.


Please, contact me at the end of the month.


Check all the diagrams at the end of the book.


On time/In time


On time переводится как «по расписанию/в установленное время»:


The train arrived on time.


Let’s meet at 8.30 am at the bus stop. Please be on time!


They have to come to work on time, otherwise they get fined.


In time переводится как «как раз в нужное время» и чаще всего употребляется с предлогом “for”:


I was in time for the birthday party.


You are just in time for dinner. Take off your coat and wash your hands.


Hurray! We are in time for the last bus. We won’t have to wait for the taxi.


In the beginning/At the beginning


In the beginning переводится как «вначале/первое время/поначалу»:


In the beginning we didn’t get on well but some time passed and we were able to work together without any problems.


In the beginning I had a high temperature but I got better soon afterwards.


I didn’t really want to go there in the beginning but the party turned out to be fine after all.


At the beginning переводится как «в начале чего-либо» и обычно употребляется с предлогом “of”:


We are going to the summer camp at the beginning of next month.


The bank is at the beginning of the street.


She was a good character at the beginning of the book but she turned out to be the main villain as the novel progressed.


Remember, the road is always the hardest in the beginning but it’s usually worth the effort in the end.