Verbs and Prepositions - Английский язык с Марией Батхан.

Verbs and Prepositions

Verbs and Prepositions


Different verbs are followed by different prepositions.

Most of them have to be memorized.




to be sorry about something

to complain to someone about something

to worry about something

to boast about something

to protest about something


Have you ever felt sorry about all the troubles you caused?

Stop complaining to your mom about everything that happens in your family.

It’s pointless to worry about things that are out of your control.

She’s always boasting about her career prospects.

The citizens are protesting about the increase in the public transport fares.




to advise against something

to protest against something


The doctors have advised him against any football practice for at least three months.

There is no need in your protest against home detention.




to hint at something


She’s hinted at a change in her marital status.




to define something for someone

to account for something

to apologize for something

to pay for something

to care for something

to check in for something


The concept of obligation has been defined for us since early childhood.

Ikea accounts for 20% of the Russian furniture market.

Are you planning to apologize for the fight?

Mike pays for all their shopping trips to Italy.

I don’t really care for sweets.

We had to stand in a line for an hour to check in for the flight.





to recover from something

to differ from something

to distract from something

to suffer from something

to expel someone from a place


She hasn’t recovered from the accident yet.

Does it really differ so much from your ordinary day?

What do you usually resort to when you need to be distracted from the background noise?

He suffers from harsh epileptic seizures.

They have expelled Tom from university.




to specialize in something

to result in something

to be absorbed in something

to succeed in something


I think you should consider hiring a lawyer specializing in divorce cases.

The crowdfunding campaign has resulted in the launch of a new RPG game.

He was so absorbed in his papers that he didn’t even hear me come in.

Jack has succeeded in building his business empire without outside investments.




to approve of something

to die of something

to smell of something

to accuse someone of something

to remind someone of something

to suspect someone of something


I thoroughly approve of what our company is doing in terms of advertising.

She died of cancer at the age of 78.

It smells of gas here. Maybe we need to cut off the gas pipe?

He was accused of money laundering.

Your gestures remind me of my childhood friend.

The police suspect him of manufacturing false evidence.




to depend on something

to concentrate on something

to insist on something

to impose on someone

to elaborate on something


Our decision will depend on the results of your placement test.

I need everyone to be silent for 15 minutes - I should concentrate on checking the contract.

She insisted on editing all the articles before they got sent to printing.

The sanctions have been imposed on every company that had been involved in military trade.

The witness refused to elaborate on why he had been out in the street in the middle of the night.




to respond to something

to confess to something

to refer to something

to react to something

to see to something


The patient didn’t respond to steroid treatment.

I am afraid I need to confess to something.

The detective had to refer to the police archives to reconstruct the crime scene.

He stabbed her with a knife so unexpectedly that she didn’t even have a chance to react to his attack.

We are looking for a wedding planner who will see to all the details of the forthcoming ceremony.




to trust someone with something

to coincide with something

to charge someone with something

to be faced with something

to confront someone with something


I hope that I can trust the boy with you for half a day.

I had to time my holidays in June so that they would coincide with my husband’s.

You will be charged with the first-degree murder.

In this case, we will be faced with a moral dilemma.

When we had to relocate the factory to a different country, we were confronted with the emerging logistics challenges.