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Nouns: Articles

Articles are among the most frequently used functional words in English. Therefore, we need to know when and how we are supposed to use them. Articles are very important because they can define a noun as specific or non-specific.

Nouns: Articles with proper nouns

A proper noun defines a noun: it can be a special place, person, or organization. These nouns are nearly always capitalized in a sentence.

Nouns: Nominalization

Nominalization is ​​the process of forming a noun or noun phrase from an adjective or a verb. It is especially common in formal styles of writing.

Prepositions Following Nouns and Adjectives

We can often see that adjectives are used with certain prepositions. They are needed to complement or clarify the idea or emotion that the adjective expresses. The preposition is placed directly after the adjective and is followed by a noun or gerund.

Adjectives: Patterns and Positions (Attributive / Predicative)

Attributive position, Predicative position, Adjectives after pronouns, nouns, Verbs acting as adjectives and etc.

Adjectives: Gradable and Non-Gradable Adjectives

Gradable and non-gradable adjectives, Comparative and superlative adjectives and Comparative phrases and clauses.

Adjectives: Adjectives Word Order

Adjectives describe or modify a noun or a pronoun.